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Frequently Asked Questions

(Applicable to the following models: F12, F12HD, Mini, PT, PT13, B14)

Is it possible to change RoboCam's viewing password?
Yes, follow step 4-2-1 of the Quick Installation Guide and navigate to video from the left menu, choose video settings and change the password (play video), don't forget to scroll to the bottom and (save & apply).
Is it possible to change RoboCam's admin [settings] password?
 Yes, following the same steps as above, select Admin from the side menu and then change the password from Admin Login.
What should I do if I forgot the password or lost the ID card?
You could press the "reset" button for five seconds. The RoboCam will be reset to the factory default settings.
If I unplug RoboCam and turn it on later, do I need to configure it again?
That's not necessary, the camera will keep your network settings even if it was turned off and will connect automatically once restarted.
What if I'm getting disconnected some times when I try to access RoboCams?
Strong WiFi signal must be available where the camera is installed, Under step 4-2-1 of the Quick Installation Guide setup window, then Network>WiFi Security, you should get not less than three to four bars when you perform a WiFi Scan.
How to access RoboCams remotely from my PC?
Right click [Camera List] in [Plug&View] and select [New Camera] add the Camera ID & password as per the card and you're done, if you're on the same network as RoboCams at the moment; you could also drag & Drop the Cam-ID from [Auto Search] into the [Camera List] Area.
How can I check recorded video [playback] remotely?
For PC, right click the RoboCam in [Camera List]; then choose [SD Card Playback], For iPhone/iPad: [see Step 3 of the Quick Installation Guide], you can access the SD card Playback from the side arrow to the right of the camera name, scroll down and you'll find SD card Playback.
How would I know if my camera is recording or not?
Check if the orange LED on the RoboCam labeled SD card is blinking.
What should I do if I cannot see the video remotely?
The red LED should be always on when the IP camera is connected to the Internet. If the red LED is blinking, please double check the network connection and settings.
Can I disable the LED lights on the RoboCam?
Yes, also under the Admin settings, see above step, there's the option for LED Control.
How to connect Robocam to a Time Lapse (or Airport Express) router and viewing on MAC?
Connecting Robocam to a Time Capsule router: 
You can do it either connect by wire, or if you want to use the WPS feature then go to the Time Capsule setup and from the Base Station click on "Add WPS Printer" go throughout the steps and when ready to pair you can click the WPS button on your camera, repeat this for other cameras.  
MAC support: 
Click here to download the Mac software.  Once you download and run this software, while the MAC is in the same LAN, you'll get the cameras showing under the "Auto Search List" right click each camera and click "web configure" login as admin and no password, then at the "Video" tab you'll see the default 4 digit pin, just change it and hit save. Mac software allows 6 cameras display on the same screen.
What apps can I use to access RoboCam on my smartphone?
You can download the app that suits your smart phone:
"mEZviewerFree" – iPhone app
"mEZViewerPro" - Android app
"mEZViewerFull" – iPhone app (+push notifications +SD Playback)
"mEZViewerHD" – iPad app
"mEZViewerHDFull" – iPad app (+push notifications +SD Playback)
Then you could easily add RoboCams by entering the Cam ID & password